Hi, I'm Patricia

Like most women, I'm no stranger to body image issues.

We are usually our own worst critics and if we could see our physical "flaws" though the eyes of others (especially those who love us), our self image would change.

For me, boudoir photography and women's portraiture is not just about creating beautiful images. It allows me to facilitate the transformation of another woman's self perception, self acceptance and confidence. It allows me to show women their beauty, even when they don't see it themselves. That's an amazing feeling, and the reason why I shoot boudoir.

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"She has the uncanny ability to make you feel comfortable & beautiful in your own skin, seeing your flaws as your best attributes. She is well prepared, professional, engaging and has a really keen eye for lighting and the most stunning compositions. We had a lot of fun during the shoot, being sexy and feeling fearless! It was truly a lovely experience that I will happily do again."

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